The Storyteller (Ladybug)

There have been a ton of ladybugs on our Austrian pine this year, but for some reason I still have a hard time taking decent photos of them. This particular time, however, I found one that was perched on the tip of a needle, which made for some interesting (and somewhat humorous) pictures.


Featured Winners & Macro Mystery #1

Last week I held a nature photography contest on Fine Art America. I got to see a variety of unique and inspiring nature photos from photographers around the world, and judging was a good exercise in critical analysis. There were 174 entries, so it w ...

2017_04_30 (58) (web)

What’s a Weevil?

Insects and bugs are so numerous that I shouldn't be surprised to keep finding new ones without leaving the backyard. Yesterday, that new bug was a weevil. So, what's a weevil? If you already know what a weevil is, way to go! Even though weevils are ...


Out Came the Flies

Flies have a tendency to be annoying, so one way I've found to keep them away is by trying to photograph them. Unfortunately, not even that works all the time. Here's a look at some of the flies I've come across in the past month.   Archy ...


Owyhee Dam: A Brief Tour

Farming has long been a way of life for many people in eastern Oregon, and that means access to irrigation water is vital. It was for this purpose that Owyhee Dam was constructed on the Owyhee River in 1928 (completed in 1932), and it now services ov ...


Spring and Tulips

These flowers were blooming in the yard, but I had no idea what kind they were. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long to look them up because of their distinctive coloring. They are Tulipa kaufmannianas, also known as Johann Strauss tuli ...