Another Bug Battle

I’m starting to wonder if I should only blog about the struggles of aphids. They’re so small you’d think they’d only have to worry about larger predators, but no, they have to beware of ladybug larva and tiny spiders (even tinier than last week’s spider).


Henbit Dead-Nettle

If you were out pulling or spraying weeds this spring, you may have come across some Lamium amplexicaule, or henbit dead-nettle. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, this weed is pretty hard to miss because of its unique purplish-pink flowers.


The Storyteller (Ladybug)

There have been a ton of ladybugs on our Austrian pine this year, but for some reason I still have a hard time taking decent photos of them. This particular time, however, I found one that was perched on the tip of a needle, which made for some interesting (and somewhat humorous) pictures.