Mushrooms Revisited

Mushrooms Revisited

In November, I shared pictures of some mushrooms that were growing near the driveway. I noticed the mushrooms were still present last week, so I took more photos to make a comparison. Here are the fungi, exactly 62 days apart.

2018_01_20 (30) web-3

Desert Landscape

I went out in the desert this weekend to practice flying a drone, which, conveniently, isn’t too far away from home. I also brought my camera along in case anything interesting popped up. As expected, the winter desert was decidedly desolate, but the lighting was great and really enhanced the landscape.

kestrel rainbow silhouette

A Kestrel and a Sun Dog

Yesterday was a nice winter day, with the temperature approaching the 50s, so I stood out in the backyard for about forty minutes, looking for any birds that might happen to fly or land close enough to photograph with a 55-200mm lens.