Light and Bright

UPDATE Dec. 2017: I have since updated my website’s galleries, and there is no longer a Light and Bright gallery page.

Instead of having a single subject with a short write-up this week, I’m sharing a new set of floral images I added to my website’s galleries (you may have seen a few of these before if you’re a regular visitor). I take a lot of pictures of different flowers, so I’m never quite sure how to group them for display besides by their overall aesthetic. Hopefully I’ll think of something more creative eventually, but for this case, I decided to select nine flowers that were especially cheery looking and complemented each other nicely. The group is called Light and Bright, and hopefully they can add some brightness to your day. Enjoy!






Were you able to guess last week’s Macro Mystery object? I found this one to be very interesting up close, and here’s what it is from a normal distance:



Macro Mystery #9 reveal – packing foam.



We’ve now reached double digits for macro mysteries! Here’s Macro Mystery #10:



Macro Mystery #10 – cropped clue.



Macro Mystery #10 – full clue.



Do you think you know what this object/material is? The answer will be revealed next week!


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