Thank you for visiting my website. This is where I share my music and photography.

The Photography:


I enjoy photography as a way to take a closer/longer look at nature and learn about my surroundings. Other times, I just enjoy the challenge of trying to capture a unique image. What I like most about photography is that it encourages exploration and creativity. The world is a busy place, and it’s easy to overlook a lot of it. A camera in hand is a reminder to be curious and pay closer attention to my surroundings.

A photography joke:
Why was the photographer afraid of his camera?


It always made him ‘shutter.’

The Music:


I write and self-produce a variety of instrumental music. Around 2010, I discovered how to place music on Spotify and have since released nine albums online, including two solo piano albums. Piano is my primary instrument, and several of my songs have been featured on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. I am preparing to release a third solo piano album in 2023. Making music is something I do for fun, so I’m never quite sure what kind of music I’ll be inspired to make next.

A music joke:
Why did the musician get locked out of his house?


Because he couldn’t find the right key.


Whether you’re here for a look, a listen, or accidentally ended up here after a cat walked over your keyboard, I hope you enjoy what you find.


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