Just a Normal Dandelion?

Does this look like a normal dandelion to you?



It should, because it is a normal dandelion. But did you notice the crab spider that’s now climbing it?



Take a closer look at the first picture – it wasn’t a photobomb so much as photo-espionage.



So, while this is just a normal dandelion, it was also an occupied dandelion.






Did you know that crab spiders don’t spin webs to catch their prey? They wait on plants and near flowers to ambush insects.



But this spider was done sitting patiently. It looked like it was preparing to travel the globe (literally).




Did you also know that crab spiders can fly?



It’s true! This may be nightmare material for some people, but crab spiders can crawl onto aircraft, probably hitch rides on birds, be exploded into orbit by aforementioned people… oh, and they can also fly using their webs! This spider stuck its rear in the air, shot out a few strands of web into the breeze, and suddenly it was gone. I guess it had finished exploring planet dandelion and was off to discover new worlds.



I wish I’d gotten a picture of it while it was in the air, but I wasn’t expecting Spiderman.




Wait, did you think that strawberry was going to be Spiderman? Nope, that’s the Macro Mystery #4 reveal! (If you want a refresher, here’s last week’s post.)


Now it’s time for Macro Mystery #5!

Macro Mystery #5 – cropped clue.





Macro Mystery #5 – full clue.



Do you think you know what this object is? You can write your guess in the comments section. The answer will be revealed next week!

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