July 16, 2014
From delicate solo piano to more elaborate instrumentation including strings, horns, drums, and acoustic guitar, these eight original compositions explore a range of emotions.



Composer’s Notes
“This album is dedicated in remembrance of my grandfather, Gary Barnett, who always asked me to play the piano for him. His single request for his memorial service was that I play a few of his favorite pieces. His passing was the first time I really had to cope with death, which was around the time I began working on Hallways, and for the next year it seemed like every good experience was tainted with unpleasant ends. This album ended up being a way to express and confront those feelings of loss, rejection, and regret in order to regain a positive outlook. I purposely ordered the tracks to reflect a journey of grieving, so the music starts off quite depressing and melancholy but gradually becomes more hopeful. Finally, the album concludes with a song of joy.”



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