Moth on Aster

Grass Moths

Grass moths (Crambidae family) have been a common visitor to the backyard, so here are four of my favorite moth photos from September and October. The first three are Udea rubigalis. The fourth moth is unidentified. Udea rubigalis on a wall.Udea ...

phidippus audax

Spider GIFs

When shooting handheld macro photos, especially of live animals, I’m either sort of lucky or very lucky to get a correctly focused image on the first try, so I usually take several shots to hopefully get one in focus. That means I occasionally end up with two or more similar images. This week, I used similar spider images to make some simple GIFs.

butterfly face macro

Macro Butterfly

Butterflies have been relatively scarce in the backyard this year, so it was exciting to find one butterfly (Speyeria species) that was willing to hang around for some macro photographs of its face and scaly wings.

western spotted orb weaver with ambush bug

Caught in a Web

If you were feeling sorry for the bees ambushed by ambush bugs a few weeks ago, you can now feel sorry for the ambush bugs – a western spotted orb weaver (Neoscona oaxacensis) has arrived in the garden.