The Bugs Haven’t Disappeared Yet

The temperature was fairly warm this weekend, so yesterday afternoon I went outside to see if there were any bugs still hanging around the yard to photograph. And of course there were still bugs around, because there are always bugs around.

Most of the bugs I saw were house flies. They were congregated near the walls of the house, probably hoping to sneak inside at some point. Only one of those flies didn’t immediately fly away when I approached to within a few inches of its face with a giant camera, and here it is:

That fly needs to work on its reaction time.

I also found one grass spider that had a web built near the base of the house. This common kind of spider weaves a sheet-like web. It sits near a funnel opening (where it can hide), and when it senses vibrations from an insect landing on its web, it runs out to try to catch its prey.

Hopefully it will catch a few of those flies.

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