Habronattus americanus

I’m excited to finally share a post on this amazing little creature.

From the exotic, far-away lands of a backyard in eastern Oregon, a small jumping spider with a red, white, and blue face roams wild and free, hunting flies, leaf-hoppers, and other spiders. Behold, the adult male Habronattus americanus!

Jumping spiders have excellent vision, so these bold colors are helpful in attracting a mate.

While not as visually striking, the females and immature males do a better job of blending in with their surroundings. They are a brownish-gray color with dark markings. Below is what I am pretty sure is an immature male (identifying non-adult spiders can be a bit tricky), which will eventually molt to become a colorful adult.

From what I have read online, these spiders can be found throughout much of the western United States, and from my limited personal observations, they seem to like staying near ground-level. So the next time you venture into your backyard, be on the lookout something about the size of a pencil eraser sporting these unmistakable colors – it’s the Habronattus americanus!

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