On the Move – Photography from a Moving Vehicle


t’s only a matter of time before you’ll pass an interesting scene while driving or riding in a car, but try snapping photos (only as a passenger!) and you will usually end up with some motion blur. There are techniques to minimize blur when shooting from a moving vehicle, such as using a fast shutter-speed and focusing on distant subjects, but it’s hard to eliminate it completely. That’s why I decided to try doing the opposite during a short trip – using it as an effect!


The following images were taken from the side window of a vehicle, using shutter speeds between 1/10 and 1/15 seconds. They were processed in black-and-white to emphasize the motion (and because the window made the colors look weird). I found that the best results were when the scenes included horizontal lines: fences, road lines, etc.



I wouldn’t recommend shooting all of your travel pictures this way, but it’s a fun method to try.

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