Rough Stink Bug

I saw a stink bug on a pile of wood last week, minding its own business. Since its business was sitting still, I had time to set up a tripod and capture some deeper depth-of-field images than I normally can when shooting hand-held. I actually used two different tripods – a short one for the eye-level shot and a normal one for the overhead shot.



I thought this stink bug would be easy to identify with detailed pictures, but then I learned there are a stinking lot of stink bug species – well over 4,000 – and many of them appear similar. After plenty of internet searching, I finally found a match: Brochymena quadripustulata, also called a four-humped stink bug or rough stink bug. It resembles the brown marmorated stink bug, which is a pest. Thankfully, the rough stink bug is a beneficial bug.



I’ve never submitted anything, but this site is great for bug identification:

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