November Mushrooms

Last February, I photographed some mushrooms growing on a log near our driveway. That was back when I was just getting into digital photography, and I happened to get a picture that’s still one of my favorites. Jump forward to today (which will be yesterday when posted), and some of those mushrooms’ relatives/descendants have made an appearance around the stump from which that log was cut. I guess they don’t care what month of the year it is to grow as long as the weather is wet. There were also many more mushrooms this time.





I’m not a fungus expert, so if anyone has an idea what kind of mushrooms these are, I’d appreciate your help with identification. They must be fairly common to be growing in eastern Oregon!




Macro Mystery #28 reveal:


Macro Mystery #29:



Do you think you know what this is? You can write your guess in the comment section below, and the answer will be revealed next week.

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