Bee Dive-Bombings on the rise amid Pollination Rights Dispute

The sunflower was once a peaceful place of pollen and opportunity, but times have changed. As more and more bees have stumbled upon this yellow mine, greed has driven bee to turn against bee. Now the region has fallen into turmoil as many bees have claimed sole pollination rights. Amidst the lawlessness, dive-bombings have become a common occurrence. All bees are advised to enter the airspace at their own peril.



Bees were once able to visit the sunflower in peace.



Now, when a bee attempts to gather pollen…
…the bee is quickly targeted by a rival bee.
The impact causes both bees to tumble from the flower.



Another bee sees the flower empty and thinks it can safely gather some pollen.
In short time, that bee enters the cross-hairs of another dive-bomber.
It, too, becomes a victim of pummeling.



A bee defends against a bomber.



A bee manages to emerge from the chaos with some of the prized sunflower pollen.



Okay, maybe there isn’t a pollination rights dispute, but since bees like flowers, I think it’s a fair assumption that bees don’t like other bees that like the same flowers. At least, that’s the only explanation I can think of for this territorial kind of behavior – they’re like hummingbirds that try to protect a feeder from other hummingbirds. I’ve seen bees being bullies before, but this was the first time I was able to successfully photograph them in action, and it was rather humorous.





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Macro Mystery #17 reveal – (white) bread!





Macro Mystery #18 clue.



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