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Do you ever see the sunlight hitting an object a certain way and think, “wow, that looks really neat?” The object could be something completely nondescript but it suddenly looks like something inspiring out of a movie. I’ve noticed that this often happens when sunlight is filtered through windows or trees, which can produce a sort of spotlight effect, and it’s especially common in the early morning or evening when the light is soft and angled, casting long shadows and revealing textures we’re unaccustomed to seeing during most of the day.


This week I wanted to share a few abstract photos I took of a building wall, simply because the lighting caught my eye and made me think, “wow, that looks really neat.”




It’s just a plain, tan ribbed wall, but the lighting turned it into a much more interesting subject.



Fun fact: Black-and-white/monochrome images draw more attention to lighting and textures because there’re no distracting colors.



If you look close enough you might be able to find a fly on the wall.



I was never a big fan of abstract images, but I’m beginning to appreciate them more because they force me to think about composition and technique – something that’s easy to forget when I’m photographing obvious and inherently interesting subjects. I’ve also grown more aware of how much light affects where we look, and thus how we view a scene or image (perhaps this topic can be a good subject for some future posts). It’s no wonder they say that photography is all about light.




MACRO MYSTERY #15 reveal:

Macro Mystery #15 reveal – a pistachio!




Macro Mystery #16 clue.



Hint: it’s NOT a food. If you think you know what this is, you can write your answer in the comment section below. The answer will be revealed next week!

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