2017 Solar Eclipse

You may have heard about a special event that occurred today – perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event. For those able to witness the total solar eclipse firsthand, I have little doubt it left quite an impression. My family and I were just barely outside the umbra, but it was nonetheless a spectacular site.



Our viewing location in the desert.



Looking through eclipse glasses.



It took almost complete coverage of the sun before a faux dusk fell. It was like a fast-motion sunset, except there was no sun setting and the shadow was coming from the northwest.



We were THIS close to totality, but it was close enough. It was like a really bright stadium light was left on.



The dark shadow lasted for about a minute before everything began to return to normal.



That’s no moon… Wait, false alarm.



I don’t think any of my attempts to describe the overall experience would do it justice, so I’ll just say this: it was pretty cool. I hope you were able to experience it, too. If not, it looks like you can plan for a Midwest trip in 2024!


(UPDATE 8/23/2017)
This is a piano solo I wrote, inspired by the solar eclipse.





MACRO MYSTERY #14 reveal:


Macro Mystery #14 reveal – a zucchini!



MACRO MYSTERY #15 clues:


Macro Mystery #15 – clue 1.




Macro Mystery #15 – clue 2.



Here’s a hint: it comes in a shell. If you think you know what this item is, you can write your answer in the comment section below. The answer will be revealed next week!

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