The Bird Everyone Loves

I don’t actually know if everyone loves hummingbirds, but I’ve never met anyone who dislikes them. They are amazing creatures, so it’s neat that they are also common birds. This week I was able to photograph two hummingbirds (I’m not completely sure of the types, so don’t want to misidentify them). Here are the best of those photos.



This hummingbird usually flew away when I’d try to get close enough to photograph it, but fortunately it kept coming back (I still had to crop down the images a lot).




It’s like it only wanted to do silly poses.




I noticed this other hummingbird drinking from some flowers (Lantana camara) one of the times I was trying to photograph the hummingbird in the tree. When it left, I sneakily sneaked into a sneaky position nearby to wait for it to return and capture these images.






I was surprised to see the hummingbird had its beak open in this last picture. I don’t think I’ve seen a hummingbird with its beak open before.


MACRO MYSTERY #13 reveal:

Macro Mystery #13 reveal – a banana (peel)!



Macro Mystery #14 clue.


Here’s a hint: it’s more food! If you think you know what this item is, you can write your answer in the comment section below. The answer will be revealed next week!


If you haven’t seen it yet, I released an instrumental rock album last Friday, No Running with Instruments. It has nothing to do with hummingbirds, unless you’re a bird-watcher who associates rock music with hummingbirds (in that case, it’s your lucky day!).

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