A Hungry Grasshopper

Most of the grasshoppers I see around the house are gray, tan, or brown and not very colorful, so I was slightly excited to notice a green grasshopper munching on a basil plant in the garden.




When it saw that I saw it, it froze and tried to pretend it was part of the plant. It forgot that its eyes were not also green. It also looked nothing like a leaf.




Eventually it went back to munching.






I considered removing the grasshopper, but it didn’t appear to be causing much damage to the large basil plant. If it hadn’t been acting alone, it probably would have been booted.




Even so, did it realize it was eating its camouflage?




If I ever have to eat a grasshopper, I hope it will be basil-flavored like this one.





Were you able to guess last week’s Macro Mystery? If you said anything close to tortilla or tortilla chip, you’re correct!


Macro Mystery #12 reveal – a tortilla chip.



Food seems to be a good topic, so here’s a new food Macro Mystery (#13)!


Macro Mystery #13 clue.


Do you know what it is? You can put your guess in the comments and the answer will be revealed next week.





Finally, be sure to check my website this coming Friday, August 11, when I will be releasing an instrumental rock album, “No Running with Instruments!”

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